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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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and once the government. what to do the government it's not doing its job properly look at what in the note for people to wake up otherwise we'll just become slaves to the system who want to be treated as humans and they believe they can make a difference imo the government has to change things because they don't have a choice i know with greece in shambles and neighboring portugal trashed by the rating agencies spain is facing not just a financial but a deepening social crisis and members of the so-called indignant marches say they want their dignity preserved but whether their calls will be heard is another issue even those corteen madrid. one of those more bad news for greece as well its credit score has been dropped to just one notch above defaults following last week's second bailout package ratings giant moody's says
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a rejigging debt implies substantial losses to private investors financial journalist overt felt so that the rescue package is nothing more than banks paying money to other banks. we're bailing out the banks and we wouldn't be that soft i presume with greece if there wasn't the problem of the french and the german banks not only of the people but of course they are the major players. they were vulnerable to the greek situation were throwing money at the banks through greek this package will certainly not help the greek economy the greek economy needs growth and since you are in the midst of a very bad recession blige the country to cut spending to increase taxes then throwing some money at it is not the solution greece is now effectively in the fall because if you calculate on the net present value what private bumpus. we'll given
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you. a value reduction or you come to a value reduction of around twenty percent in europe we don't have a political union and we don't we certainly don't have a flexible labor market so from the beginning. there were huge weaknesses in the whole construct of the monetary union in europe and my big surprise is that it has lasted ten years before through this kind of crisis these weaknesses came to the surface. and on the other side of the ocean american politicians are still tussling about how to raise the country's debt ceiling while republicans and democrats argue secretary of state hillary clinton has been trying to calm nervous asian investors that they will meet next week's deadline but economic analyst martin headachy says it's already too late. the united states is essentially bankrupt in any case if they increase their debt ceiling actually as the chinese rating agency dugong has been saying even if they find an agreement and they increase the debt ceiling well
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what is going to be as a result more dead so if the u.s. has thirteen point five trillion of their and that's just the nomination of their budget it's not even the fiscal deb including all the unfunded liabilities that the united states government actually keeps of the books and if you include this figure really a looking at two hundred trillion us dollar of it's absolutely beyond control and all timidly it appears that the united states will be facing a sovereign debt crisis very much along the lines of the so-called pigs the european periphery as well also the other european story supposedly stronger countries soviet specter a major major sovereign debt crisis from the major western countries and we suggest that the investor should stay out of that region and look for a look for gold silver commodities tool to help protect against what's going to come there's a lot of talk always in the rest of ours the dangers of china china's military
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growing and how much of a risk this poses to asia and the rest of the go there if you're looking at how much the united states is spending on military versus china it's totally disproportionate the u.s. is spending a lot more the only difference is the u.s. is doing that is borrowed money and they can't afford it so you have to end saw. there is more on where the money is going you know just a few minutes around. just to get deep pockets once again but this time it's bankrolling libyan rebels with billions of euros with more than one. of the little tricks from the pharmacy the reports on the russian are big so painfully killing themselves with a drug store cocktail because it's cheaper than her. you without he now the king of norway has been. moving a minute of silence for the ninety three victims killed in friday's twin attacks that scandinavian country has been shaken by the bombing of government buildings in
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oslo and the massacre at island youth the tragedy has also touched the royal family the crown princess of norway says that brother was one of the first victims gunned down at the camp the man who's with me to both atrocities is appearing at a closed court hearing to claim. the role of has already said the killings were gruesome but necessary investigative journalist tony gosling believes there's a new kind of terrorism on the rise. anders breivik thought he was some kind of teutonic knights from medieval times because he's echoing the kind of crusader attitude that it's a very strange version of christianity that he. is he says he's a christian i don't think he is maybe the same kind of strange version of christianity that bush and blair have been coming up with over the last ten years or so so i think that this is actually the tip of an iceberg is actually quite a lot of this neo nazi activity out there and now i think the antiterrorist all
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thought he's right across the world we're going to have to take this brand of terrorism much more seriously and particularly worrying is that he was a freemason and but even as declared that he was a freemason i would imagine that the norwegian police are now going to be talking to other all the other members of any masonic lodges that he was in because this seems to be the place where this kind of fake christian rather nasty racist ideology was cooked up i would also add that it was interesting the police said they never come across him before the norwegian police but i wonder very much i wonder if the secret service in norway has been watching him because it was very strange that when he was first arrested on friday the police actually called out his name to him now it was very i would be amazed if they would have actually known as they first approached him what his name was i would have thought that from the arrest point that's where the investigation would have started from. well as a bit of it claims he wanted a change in society apparently referring to the country's large muslim population
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social expos think the tragedy might now force no agents to reconsider immigration policy. i think what this did is it really highlighted the immigrant i don't want to call it a problem i want to call it you know immigrant reality there is a huge influx of immigrants coming into norway and you're oddly you know mostly in the bottom most norwegians probably didn't know that was twenty five percent immigrate but we're friday they do a lot more of those statistics now i think you're going to be you know people saying well gosh this guy was a creative lunatic but we have another pretty serious problem too the prime minister you know specifically in the labor party generally did a great job you know comforting the nation those twenty four hours were haptic they were you know terrifying they did great job comforting the nation here's the issue with people hearing we're right word with the leader pretty good we have to do in norway is you know i don't think that the extent concern to people who are nervous
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about the immigrant population you know because of the more extreme groups you know these extreme views if that makes sense and adopt them into their own platform and facebook you know the average joe q boder we understand your concerns about this issue but we think norway painted a great interaction here is why so instead of managing and you know governing through fear they have to adopt some of those you know who are sort of jingoistic policies but also presents you know a more positive view of norway or ward. public policy expert margaret a book on why they're talking to myself from chicago. now at ten minutes past the hour here in moscow germany is lending a libyan rebels one hundred million euros despite staying out of nato as bombing campaign against the gadhafi regime but when it says the loan is for quote civilian and humanitarian purposes the germans abstained from a u.n. vote on military intervention in march but chancellor angela merkel has since expressed hope that the nato mission succeeds. recognizing the recognition rather
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of the transitional national council as a legitimate government has come and passed the loan it comes as the rebels await access to billions of dollars of colonel gadhafi his assets that are frozen in offshore banks german government consultant christophe things berlin has a vested interest in cashing in on the war. it is really a big question of what this money is being used for first of all who controls that then next has nato ever cared for the civilian population in libya i don't think so a group of countries bombing libya and using uranium weapons of course is a group of countries not caring for the civilian population abstaining just being neutral in this case of course was that enough because nato has used the security resolution. three hand to do just anything they want in effect they are fighting on the side of the rebels they're fighting the libyan government nobody knows when
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nato will decide to you know protect some civil populations and then in a way kill the legal government more than twenty billion dollars in this money is going to be used to. help the rebels but of course that is in a way totally illegal you can't just take money away from from governments and give it to rebels germany wants a piece of the cake to be to be clear germany wants to maintain fifteen percent of the libyan oil as a percentage of the total oil imports of germany. without t.v. now in the shadow of nine eleven u.s. and bob's on a mission to root out terrorists but it led to a network of secret prisons and seizing suspects often without much evidence after years of torment many of those accused have since been released later this hour we hear from one former inmate who and the brutality rather that he had to endure. i saw many people got killed on the torture and. i was one of those who
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survived those kind of closure on myself they used electroshocks because i will not sign papers and. i was forced to agree that i'm the member. and i was. even really i didn't know at the time what used to be when they asked me what i tried to tell you and i said i'm not a member of them and they brought me papers forced me to sign i refused and that. they forced me tried me to sign. electroshocks and other times the force of the water treatment it's normally on the waterboarding and all the time they hang on chains i had chains on my hands and i was hanging on the ceiling there was pulling me on the ceiling with the chain and you into my feets used to be all over the floor and i had no clothes on so i was hanging there for many days then
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the interrogator came he pulled me back down and he going to sign almost every time when i said no he just made like this and they're putting wake up. and you can watch that interview in full in around fifteen minutes time right here on c. or you could actually. there's also more in all the stories we're covering what else will discover. america. over the.
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support of. the official. video. and.
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divers have recovered all of the bodies from. two weeks ago out of the two hundred people on board the ship one hundred twenty two were killed. has. been turned to waters where investigators can piece together the ship's. to discover how the tragedy happened it will then be destroyed so that no part of it can ever be used again the bulgaria went down in just three minutes only seventy nine people managed to escape the captains of two vessels meantime to sail by the sinking ship face criminal charges for passing by without stopping to. get to some other international news for your brief this hour the last fugitive sort of by the balkan war crimes tribunal is set to appear in the hague later on monday. faces fourteen charges including crimes against humanity for mass murder and torture during the
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conflict between croatia and yugoslavia in the early ninety's the fifty two year old was on the run for several years before being arrested just last week. the syrian government adopted a law to allow political parties other than the ruling baath party to get engaged the opposition groups have been banned for almost half a century a multi-party political system is a key demand of the antigovernment protesters who have been staging a four month uprising and the army is still coming down hard however on dissent against the regime detaining scores of people in the capital and its suburbs. the new york hotel maid who accuses the former i.m.f. chief of sexually assaulting her has gone public. has told newsweek magazine that she's telling the truth about the attack in may and wants to see dominique strauss kahn behind bars the authorities are considering whether to drop the charges against him amid doubts over her credibility. and meantime denies all the charges.
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hundreds of gay couples who got married in new york on sunday the american state has become the sixth and most populated to recognize same sex unions i do began at midnight to the cheers and applause of friends and family meanwhile thousands condemned the weddings at rallies across the state. now heroin addicts in russia are turning to a cheaper deadlier alternative and its ingredients are all too easy to get ahold of the drug cocktail is known as crocodile and its main element is the painkiller coding which the government now wants to restrict sales of you've got to now report on the little increasing use should be warned you may find some of the images upsetting you even though they call it a crocodile because it's users skin turn scaly before it falls off virtually unknown ten years ago it's a mixture of petrol solvents phosphorous and most importantly cheap medicines
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containing the painkiller coding it's now become rich the second most popular drug after heroin which is the cheaper more easily available alternative injecting this lethal cocktail rock he uses flash in months most die within three years i've only been using it for two months i wish i never started teaching it the government's come up with a simple solution for now i can still buy code being containing drugs off the shelf but for next year on words i'll need a prescription to do that statistics show that nearly half of russians use these drugs on a regular basis the vast majority of them for completely legitimate reasons so in their fight against drugs is the government going too far as of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. coding is sold over the counter in most western countries but its sales have doubled in russia in five years and many say this is not a coincidence i think it was a mistake to start selling coding without
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a prescription in the first place by making it the most easily available opiate it's warm this problem yet expert opinion has been divided some believe that this doesn't do enough to tackle the social causes of addiction and punishes innocent consumers. there is no efficient system in our country for issuing prescription existence or the people who will suffer for the ordinary pensioners and housewives who need those medicines. the drugs then in the moscow suburbs we came here to ask what the users themselves think about the new law. i don't believe it would change anything those who want to take drugs will take drugs we will buy them from the right pharmacies and if we don't get them to use something else we will always have something to inject either of nerve r.t. moscow are on the way for you here and no conviction but no apology for inmate lifts the lid on the prison that ruined his life but first
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a look at the stars of business news with kareen. hello welcome to our business bulletin here in r.t. with me queen well it can be good to have you with me it's only second largest utility at a center has really renegotiated the pricing of its long term gas contracts with russia the italian company says it might be able to save up to two hundred eighty million dollars industry analysts believe the agreement could have a wider impact on other european operators many of whom are seeking to renegotiate long term gas contracts with suppliers from russia and algeria. russia's resuming vegetable imports from italy and hungary in the past few weeks russia's consumer watchdog has also lifted restrictions on eight of the e.u. nations including france belgium and the netherlands a ban on e.u. was imposed early in june after a deadly outbreak of e.
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coli in germany. years lawmakers are racing against the clock to forge a deficit reduction deal the agreement would clear the way for congress to raise the fourteen point three trillion dollars debt ceiling if the talks get struck the u.s. may get suffer may suffer a damaging default for this could spark down land for u.s. bonds as the chief economist at sprint back explains why don't we high probability as a result of the default in their disdain increase in the demand for you. because you is drudgeries is the largest market for low risk that sue if you increase. rate you basically increase the risk in the overall system you all three many institutions we to require in by law do increase the number of. ice it's in the
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park. now let's take a look at the markets oil is declining for the first time in five days that song concerning a failure to reach a deal on raising the u.s. debt ceiling may cause the biggest consumer of crude to default both light sweet and bread are losing their sour gold prices have surged to record highs as investors seeking safe heaven amid debt jitters on global exchanges goes trading at one thousand six hundred sixteen dollars per ounce and silver at more than forty dollars per ounce for selling. now when you have banking stocks leave markets lower the looming deadline to raise the u.s. debt ceiling also further downgrade of greece's rating prevent markets from extending a four sessions winning streak barclays dropping three and a half percent in london agreed agree cold down two point three percent in paris. and russia has recovered slightly puts is still trading in the red. all stocks and down on declining crude sort of financial stocks with spare bank want to have
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percent lower telecom a slightly better than the market's stock but tweeting on its own the past couple of weeks ignoring market trends and pollie metal is up three percent of the gold miner enjoys yet another record highs price for gold. now ahead of the new trading week mark rubenstein from metropole i've see gives some names for investors to par . we have been seeing strong commodity prices i don't expect that to change in the near future. i think gas from now. is a very interesting name in a stroller and a correction in the past two weeks and with their oil prices back where they had been i think gas promising even room to run the other name we're alike short term and meter armies are b two b. i think this is a variance opportunity right now and it has had a run up fall in their government funds really or given to the bank of
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moscow and but i think it's going to continue it's still trades at about twenty five percent below has been a bank and russia has received its great output for two thousand and eleven to almost nineteen million tons from the previous eighty five million export forecast is also challenged by three million to eighteen million tons for this year this is after the country lifted its ban at the beginning of the month vice president of the country's grain union admits exports in july could amount to one point nine million tonnes but he says russia's harvest unlike reach one hundred million. i don't think we'll reach one hundred million tonnes i personally hope this won't happen as it would mean a big drop in price that's why i don't want to make any food costs as i've said before as an optimist i see eighty nine point nine as a pessimist i see ninety two and that's because it would be a huge blow to the market and would hit farmers foremost that's our update for this hour stay with us for headline news up next.
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if you're followed up on my doubt it's no good as in those. countries are sort of a twelve pack and the kid part of our law. and it goes back to
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a time when people would write out of their forces in the wild lands and pick up these fugitives and put him into the sheriff for prosecution there's no monkey like company may. kill. him when they go out there he's got weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad. loans. were chasing killers and you gotta keep that in mind others a two million dollar bill because the rest. were not superheroes they can be killed too you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. and. once you find a man you know never go back to hide anything else. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've got the future covered. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest
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issues get a human voice. face to face with the news maker. thanks . jack.
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welcome back you without sea life from. headlines. unemployment and the governments of the struggling economy. instead of. rushing to reassure. encroaching default that's even the president. of. the fourteen.
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countries. explained. right now it. continues to wreck lives despite president obama's pledge to shut the notorious prison many detainees that released without shed light on what goes on inside he spoke to one former prisoner who says the u.s. hasn't even given a simple apology for his years of torment and torture. the united states held in as i can tell them obey detention camp for five years before releasing him without charge mr could that's have you ever been given an apology or
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an explanation by the americans. they did not know it's even i don't thing that they are going to apologize for anything you were arrested in pakistan in two thousand and one why were you there here in germany i saw the group it's called jamaat to be helping. young people who have problems with drugs or homeless people who has problems at all they always come from pakistan they have iran to walt eighteen million members it's i thing the biggest group and they are nonpolitical and they are against war of course and they also hate and by taliban because they are against war but. when i went to pakistan i went to that to their school of jamaat to be they have each year i guess between thirty and forty solvent.


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